Rocksmith+ Mobile, a review

Rocksmith+ for PC have been out since September last year, and officially only supports Windows PC for now. It has been advertised since the project was first announced that there was going to be support for various console platforms and more as well. First out is Rocksmith+ Mobile, and I am trying out the iOS version.

My current setup doesn’t really allow me to play accustic guitar, so for this review I be focusing on playing accustic guitar using the phone built in mic for note detection. All songs will be in E Standard, and I’ll mention how thing goes.

FIrst out was Smokey - Don't Play Your Rock 'N' Roll to Me, using the built in speaker I realised that this is impossible and I have to use headphones. Still, I improved my score on the song, so I guess note detection is good. I’d probably done better if I could have heard the song better through the strumming.

Next out was Scott McKenzie - San Fransisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair). This time with headphones, and now sure enough I heard the music good enough. Another personal best, so no issues with note detection. So far the songs have been typical for accustic guitar, so let us ramp it up a little.

This time Joan Jett - I Hate Myself for Loving You, a song I previously have posted on electric guitar, and PB of 97%. I never expected the result, another PB, I pushed my score with another percent to 98%.

And before the conclution, Iced Earth's cover of Highwaymen. Another song with a PB, I guess I should play with my accustic guitar more often.

And now for the conclusion. The interface is familiar, it is basically the same as the one in the PC desktop version, I havn’t browsed around to check all features, but by the looks of it they are all there, except the Workshop which is limited to Windows PC. I have absolutely no issue with the note detection, if anything they are more leanient than on PC with the Real Tone Cable, but I cannot at the moment say if this is an issue with the phone version, due to the fact I was playing an accustic on the phone mic, or if my skills really have improved so much. For me the only caveat for this to be a more permanent solution is the screen size. The mobile screen (iPhone SE2) is for me too small to learn a song. Playing songs I am allready familiar with works fine. As long as I have a guitar with me and my bluetooth headphones, I can see myself sitting on a bench somewhere playing, but from home I’d still use the desktop and my lineup for electric guitar.

Should you get it? If you already play on Rocksmith+ but you do some travelling, I’d say get the mobile app as well, its the same subscription as you already got on PC. It might work better as a learning tool from a tablet, and if I was going to use it a lot I would look into some form of adapter to connect my Real Tone Cable to the phone.

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