Rocksmith+ Library Analyzis February 2024

This is an automatic generated post describing the last month of analytics from the Rocksmith+ Scraper. This analytics goes through what has been added during the last month, and the status of the song library as of time of this being published in Rocksmith+. Before we dive into the data, this show the status of the database. These numbers are derived by scraping the official Ubisoft songlist in various ways, and might deviate from actual database status. The scraper will mark songs as unavailable for a region if they are not seen for a time. This doesn’t necessary mean the song isn’t available in the region, it might be due to the limitations of the scraper.

During last month 73 new songs was added to the database bringing the library total to 11955 songs, also counting deactivated songs. Currently 685 songs are deactivated, giving a total of 11270 playable songs. 37 of the songs are inhouse Covers, while the majority is master recordings. 203 Official DLC’s have been observed in the game, and 453 songs from the Beta period.

Ratio Official DLCs added
Genres: New Songs

The region with most songs is United States with 10176 songs.

AI arrangements or chord charts are generated by ARCHI, and represents an AI generated tempo map with recognized chords. These are playable, though they doesn’t tell you exactly what to play. There are currently 11663 guitar chord charts and 11928 bass charts in the game.

The Ubisoft Notetracker team works with preparing official tracks to the game, but also does some quality control on community submitted arrangements. The following charts show how official arrangements are divided between types, and the same for community arrangements.

Official Arrangements
Community Arrangements

To easier categorize music, we have divided it in genres. In Rocksmith+ some of these genres are a bit broad. Some songs are given multiple categories.

Genres: All songs

As seen in the following charts, there is a difference in where the Notetracker team put in its effort, and where the community contribute.

Genres: Official Arrangments
Genres: Community Arrangements

Genres also affect what instruments are used. Below is a breakdown of genres per instrument.

Genres: Lead arrangements
Genres: Rhythm Arrangements
Genres: Bass Arrangements
Genres: Simple Guitar Arrangements
Genres: Keyboard Arrangements
Genres: Simple Keyboard Arrangements

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