Sensor data is gathered from multiple sources, and presented through different forms through the API.


Data is available as json by default, but xml is also available. Supported formats are set by adding format={format} to the URL.

Data Capture

Data is captured through external networks, that allows the sensor to transmit its data to an input layer. Here the data is validated before stored as the specific sensors available in the getter.


The getter is found at and operates in two modes.

In Authenticated Mode you can do some filtering, that will unlock more data.

Adding new sensors

To add a new sensor, two steps have to be completed.

  1. Set up the sensor transmitting on one of the networks that allows data capture to this API.
  2. Creating a sensor ID in the API.

If sensor is of a model previously not supported, developers will need to add some code to verify the gathered data. Such work might take some time. Take contact if you want advice on what sensors are already supported, or estimates on how much work it will be to include a new type sensors.